Third Sector seeks professionalization

Third Sector seeks professionalization

Dec. 12, 2018 | Monterrey –

Civil Society Organizations create a Committee to boost impact of Sector.


This past Tuesday the Competency Management Committee of the Social Transformation Sector of the Public Education Secretariat (SEP, by its acronym in Spanish), through the Trust of the Normalized Systems of Labor Competence and Certification of Labor Competence (CONOCER, by its acronym in Spanish) was formed, with Agustín Landa as its president.

The Committee, whose purpose is to certify civil society organizations to increase competitiveness, is formed by: Consejo Cívico, yCo Centro de Innovación e Impacto Social, Red Sumarse, Comunalia, Cómo Vamos Nuevo León, Fundación de Beneficiencia Jesús M. Montemayor AC, Responsabilidad Social y Negocios Inclusivos de CEMEX, Confío AC, UDEM, Tec de Monterrey, U-ERRE, and Vía Educación AC.

“One of the most pressing issues is to be able to contribute to the formation of leaders that can professionally boost the social transformation of Nuevo León and the rest of Mexico”, said Agustín Landa.

Mauricio Conseco, vocal of the Committee and director of yCo., explained that the Committee will be divided in 4 sub-sectors: public, private, foundations, and civil society organizations.

CONOCER defines the Competency Management Committee as “a group of people, businesses or organizations that represent a productive sector, social or from government, that because of its workforce, of their participation in the working market, and/or their recognition at a national level in their sector, validated by CONOCER, serves as a responsible instance to promote the model of the Competency Management Committee in the organizations of the sector they represent”.