Members’ Planning Meeting

Members’ Planning Meeting

Feb. 8, 2019 | Monterrey – 

Representatives of community foundations meet to talk about the future of the association.


As a part of the strategic planning process of the Alliance, and as a continuation of the December 7th meeting, members of Comunalia discussed the Mission and Vision Statement, and how much do these actually represent the reason of being of the association.

To open the meeting, Mariana Sandoval, the Executive Director, presented the results of the diagnosis of the member community foundations. Between the most important points of the study was the People Directly Benefited by Community Foundations indicator, which showed that more than 130,000 people had been benefited by a community foundation member of Comunalia.



Later on, the members reflected on the Mission and Vision Statement in an activity led by Sara Ling. In this activity, the members made 3 teams, and each one presented a proposal for a new Mission Statement, and one for the 2030 Vision.

Finally, each Committee presented the work they did on their area, and agreements were reached for the next meeting.