Our members are located in 13 states of the country, and our central office is in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Central Office

YCo. Centro de Innovación e Impacto Social  |  Av. Del Estado #208, Col. Tecnológico, 64700, Monterrey, N.L.


Comunalia has 14 community foundations as members, each with a unique body of work that brings diversity and richness to our association.

What is a community foundation?

A community foundation is a public donor institution that obtains funds from multiple sources, with the purpose of creating a legacy that guarantees permanence in a community. The advantage of community foundations is that they are able to uncover the existing richness of a community, and link it to the benefit of the community, which gives them the possibility of managing their own resources.


At Comunalia we have worked with our members to create a clear definition of what a community foundation in Mexico is, taking into account their own characteristics, understanding, and particular contexts.

Characteristics and Components

The characteristics that were defined by our members are classified in four components: origin, institutional philosophy, interaction with other actors, and reason of being and doing.

The community foundations that are members of Comunalia perform a great variety of types of work encompassing education, gender equality, culture, base development, local development, health, sustainability, migrants, living spaces, employment, tourism, volunteer work, strengthening civil society organizations and base groups, citizen participation, philanthropy, and social responsibility.